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Article: Tablescaping Your Round Dining Table

Affordable Furniture - Tablescaping Your Round Table

Tablescaping Your Round Dining Table

Whether you’re gearing up for a festive holiday soirée or simply preparing for a homey family dinner, crafting an enchanting and inviting dining space is paramount to make everyone feel at home. If you have a round dining table, you’re lucky! Round tables not only serve as a captivating focal point in your dining area but also provide a blank, unique canvas to express your artistic flair. 

Today, we will delve into the world of tablescaping – the fine art of telling a story from your dining table arrangement. It’s not just about making your table look pretty; it is a transformative practice that offers you the opportunity to build genuine moments of delight and connection within your own home. Tablescaping is the embodiment of creativity, fusing our passion for food and radiation of affection for our loved ones.


What’s Special About a Round Dining Table

Round tables are special in that they provide better flow and movement. With no corners, it opens up more space for foot traffic, allows for more intimate personal interactions and conversations, and is overall a great solution to make your room appear larger.  

The Advantages of a Round Dining Table

How to Tablescape Your Round Dining Table

Start With A Centrepiece

Choose something round in shape but take care; make sure that the size doesn’t overwhelm the size of your table and obstruct conversations with your loved ones. This is an excellent opportunity to infuse life into your dining area by bringing a plant or vase of fresh seasonal flowers or adding a touch of warmth with elegant candles.


Alternatively, you can opt for a unique and decorative bowl, perfect for displaying a selection of fruits, or a stylish basket to hold decorative items or drinks of choice, adding both functionality and an aesthetic charm. At the centre of your table, you can add a lighting fixture to enhance the overall ambience of your dining space.

Set Your Round Dining Table With A Centrepiece

Set The Scene With A Theme

To elevate your dining space, start by anchoring your staging around a central theme. Whether this is inspired by a season, a festive occasion, or just a colour scheme, having a well-defined theme in mind will set a foundation for your tablescaping process. 


Begin by deciding on a tablecloth and placemats as a backdrop for your table arrangement. For versatility, choose a simple linen tablecloth and complement it with round placemats crafted from natural materials to add some texture or stylish placemats for a more contemporary and sleek look.

Don’t neglect the dining chairs! Tablescaping is also about staging what surrounds your table, too. If you’re feeling a little daring, consider mismatched dining chairs to introduce an eclectic mix to your dining space.

Setting the Scene With a Theme Dining Table

The Rule of Three

A common rule of thumb is placing three items at each setting. For instance, you can place three different-sized homeware elements at the centre of your table. You can also apply this rule by placing a plain dining plate, a top plate, and a serviette with your cutleries. The key thing to remember is that one of the pieces, typically the top or centrepiece, should be the one with the most character – so feel free to go bold!

The Rule of Three When Setting Your Dining Table

Ascend to New Heights With Accessories

If you tend to err on the neutral side of things, adding accessories can be quite daunting. Nevertheless, you can step outside of your comfort zone by mixing and matching patterns and colours. Taking it a step further, add some height to your table by adding candles of varying heights or a vase of flowers. Depending on the season or occasion, you can add seasonal elements like seashells and warm-coloured decors for summer or snowflakes and cool-coloured decors for winter. The main idea here is to keep things tonal and let your chosen theme guide you. 


Gentle Reminders

Keep it Sustainable

Instead of constantly revamping your table, invest in timeless items, ones that you love and that are high quality for you to reuse time and time again. This especially applies to your dishes, cutleries, napkins, and tablecloths.


Don't Overdo It

Mastering the art of tablescaping means you can find a balance between creating a visually striking impact while maintaining an uncluttered and harmonious arrangement. A remarkable tablescape doesn’t need to be busy to be impactful. Achieving this requires a bit of trial and error, but rest assured, tablescaping is all about expressing your creativity and a fun journey of experimentation.


The Bottom Line

Tablescaping For a Memorable Dining Experience

Tablescaping your round dining table isn’t just about the aesthetics; rather it’s about creating a memorable dining experience. Regardless of the furniture you select or the occasion you’re tablescaping for, the key is to stay true to elements that reflect your unique style and personality. Find ways to incorporate pieces that mean to you and/or your family to make your table look more authentic and homey. 

With Affordable Furniture, you can take a leap to transform your dining space, ultimately turning your home into a haven of warmth and love. 

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