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Buffet Cabinets in Christchurch

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ARC SideboardARC Sideboard
ARC Sideboard Sale price$1,999.00 NZD
Bounty Buffet
Bounty Buffet Sale price$989.00 NZD
Cypress Buffet
Cypress Buffet Sale price$1,109.00 NZD
Dawn Sideboard - Black
Dawn Sideboard - Black Sale price$1,049.00 NZD
Elm Buffet
Elm Buffet Sale price$1,479.00 NZD
Fen Buffet - Small
Fen Buffet - Small Sale price$469.00 NZD
Flow Sideboard
Flow Sideboard Sale price$1,750.00 NZD
Forged Buffet
Forged Buffet Sale price$1,579.00 NZD
Irish Coast Buffet
Irish Coast Buffet Sale price$1,049.00 NZD
Irish Coast Buffet - Two Door and Three Draw
Karel Sideboard
Karel Sideboard Sale price$1,999.00 NZD
Kobe Sideboard (Natural Oak) Fluted GlassKobe Sideboard (Natural Oak) Fluted Glass
Kyoto Sideboard
Kyoto Sideboard Sale price$1,449.00 NZD
Lennox Buffet - Large
Lennox Buffet - Large Sale price$1,019.00 NZD
Lennox Buffet - Small
Lennox Buffet - Small Sale price$729.00 NZD
Linea Sideboard
Linea Sideboard Sale price$1,750.00 NZD
Madrid Buffet
Madrid Buffet Sale price$1,189.00 NZD
Memphis Buffet - Two Door
Memphis Buffet - Two Door Sale price$819.00 NZD
New Yorker Sideboard
New Yorker Sideboard Sale price$1,750.00 NZD
Ohope Sideboard
Ohope Sideboard Sale price$1,229.00 NZD
Orion Buffet
Orion Buffet Sale price$1,109.00 NZD
Oslo Buffet
Oslo Buffet Sale price$1,489.00 NZD
Palliser Sideboard
Palliser Sideboard Sale price$1,599.00 NZD
Pepper Buffet
Pepper Buffet Sale price$1,039.00 NZD
Radius Sideboard
Radius Sideboard Sale price$899.00 NZD
Radius Sideboard Oak
Radius Sideboard Oak Sale price$959.00 NZD
Raglan Buffet
Raglan Buffet Sale price$1,319.00 NZD
Rotterdam Sideboard - Large
Rotterdam Sideboard - Large Sale price$1,659.00 NZD
Rotterdam Sideboard - Small
Rotterdam Sideboard - Small Sale price$1,199.00 NZD
Salisbury Buffet - Two Drws
Salisbury Buffet - Two Drws Sale price$879.00 NZD
Salisbury Buffet 3Drws
Salisbury Buffet 3Drws Sale price$1,209.00 NZD
Salisbury Mini Buffet
Salisbury Mini Buffet Sale price$649.00 NZD
Salisbury Small Buffet
Salisbury Small Buffet Sale price$740.00 NZD
Sardinia Buffet
Sardinia Buffet Sale price$1,319.00 NZD
Soho Rattan Sideboard
Soho Rattan Sideboard Sale price$1,569.00 NZD
Sylvie Buffet - Three Doors
Sylvie Buffet - Three Doors Sale price$1,099.00 NZD
Sylvie Buffet - Two Doors
Sylvie Buffet - Two Doors Sale price$559.00 NZD