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Article: Cheap Couches: How to Make Sure You Won’t Skimp on Quality

Cheap couches that don’t compromise quality and style

Cheap Couches: How to Make Sure You Won’t Skimp on Quality

It’s no secret that finding affordable furniture is a difficult feat. In the recent climate of high inflation and rising costs of living, it appears that household items such as couches are simultaneously increasing in price. However, this is not to say affordable furniture isn’t an option. Direct to consumer companies offer low-priced couches, but quality is not always promised. 


A common misconception is that all cheap couches will be low quality and with so many offerings in the market, this could be partially true. However, there is an underrated market of cheap couches that are affordable, yet of exceptional quality.   


Read the three tips below to make sure you are satisfied by the price, quality and style of your new couch. 


Make sure your stylistic needs are met

An advantage of affordable furniture stores is that customisation is encouraged, meaning that your concerns as a consumer are being heard. In other words, you are not skimping on the pleasant customer service experience that often is only exclusive to high-priced stores. 


Cheap couch stores may have a more lenient business model, and as a result are more likely to be flexible to your personalisation requests. For instance, Affordable Furniture offers customers the added flexibility of obtaining the specific couch they are looking for if it’s not available in store. 


Pay attention to the warranty policy

The worst-case scenario would be to find out that your newly purchased couch is in a completely unusable condition. An easy preventative is to make sure your supplier has a warranty policy in place, and that they have a history of honouring it. A typical good indicator of this is if their website has an accessible ‘Warranty’ page. This may often fall under a ‘Terms and Conditions’ page.


Key points to lookout for are whether stipulations under the Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA) are honoured, and if the buyer is entitled to a refund or repair in a situation where the delivered product is damaged or low-quality. 


In physical show-rooms, an alternative is directly through your salesperson, and if relevant, written documents. 


Beware of misleading product descriptions

The last thing you would want is to order a couch that fits your budget and criteria, only to find out you were grossly misled by the images and description online when it arrives. Sadly, this happens all too often in the sphere of cheap furniture. 


A business you can rely on to provide high-quality products is one that is transparent to its customers, both existing and prospective. Customers value seeing that a company has done their product research, and is transparent in showcasing it. The baseline involves key product information such as dimensions, colour, a relevant description, estimated delivery time, and honest images. At Affordable Furniture we remain dedicated to providing you quality cheap couches that are truthful to their descriptions.


According to a KPMG study, consumers consider sincere product descriptions to be a determining factor in making their purchase. Therefore, it’s feasible that companies with truthful descriptions are more likely to be reliable, and trusted by other shoppers, making transparency more important now than ever. 


Ultimately, it’s true that when shopping for cheap couches, you’ll be misled by quality, price, style or pesky terms and conditions clauses. However, at Affordable Furniture we strive to meet all your cheap couch needs without compromising stylistic flair and quality.

Contact us  for affordable furniture, quality service and customisation queries.

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