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Alton Floor Lamp - Black

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In smoked glass, Alton creates a beautiful coherence between the black top, and the sweeping round shape, which makes the series extremely elegant. The smoke-coloured glass and the delicate shapes add a soft and warm glow to the light, resulting in pleasant lighting. Glass is a major trend in decor, and the combination of glass and the matte black metal gives Alton an elegant appearance.

Alton floor lamp is an exceptional beauty, combining the modern smoked glass and matte black metal in a highly compelling way. The stringent design makes the floor lamp an elegant sculpture in the home, where a soft and glare-free light flows into the room and creates a cosy atmosphere. Use a decorative bulb to make to lamp even more beautiful.
Alton Floor Lamp - Black
Alton Floor Lamp - Black Sale price$399.00 NZD