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Article: Cheap Bed Frames NZ: What Makes them Worth it?

how can you differentiate high quality, yet cheap bed frames NZ?

Cheap Bed Frames NZ: What Makes them Worth it?

If you’re like most people, you love to sleep. In fact, you’ll spend 26 years of your life sleeping. Whether it’s a brief power nap or a solid eight hours (or more), a good component to quality sleep is a comfy mattress and a solid bed frame.

If you’re also like most people, you prefer having an expensive mattress and a cheap bed frame. This is great– however, while cheap bed frames might be tempting, there are several reasons why we at Affordable Furniture don’t recommend getting one.

This article will highlight how a ‘cheap’ bed frame can lose you time, money, and valuable sleep, and how investing in a quality bed frame is healthier for both you and your wallet.

What is Considered a ‘Cheap’ Bed Frame?

In this article, we’ll refer to ‘cheap’ as low-quality, but what you can consider cheap depends on your priorities. What’s considered cheap to you may be on the affordable side for some people.

Cheap bed frames are characterised as affordable, but poorly-built options that squeak and slide a lot, and we found out that these bed frames could range from 100-200 USD. Of course, the material, bed frame size, and style you choose will largely affect the final price.


So, Does the Bed Frame’s Quality Matter?

Absolutely. Sleeping on a good bed frame not only saves you from replacing both the frame and the mattress in the next couple of years but guarantees you a peaceful night’s sleep.

Here are three main reasons why you should favour a high-quality bed frame compared to its cheap counterparts:

Lower Long-Term Cost

While a cheap bed frame may save you some upfront costs, you’ll inevitably replace it sooner than intended due to its structural issues. Why? Cheap bed frames are… well, cheap.

This is meant as a trade-off for their affordability, and continuous wear and tear will eventually warp, bend, or ultimately break the bed frame. On the other hand, investing in a pricier bed frame will not only last longer but will give you a more comfortable sleep thanks to their higher-quality construction.


More Stability

As mattresses soak up our body fluids– oil, sweat, tears– and dead skin cells, our mattresses get heavier as they age. Add to the fact that mattresses today feature more layers and are made up of heavier materials to stay competitive, you need sturdier bed frames now, more than ever.

One thing cheap bed frames are known for is that they are poorly built. Meaning, your mattress could sag quicker and force you to replace the mattress sooner than intended. More money out of your pocket.

On the other hand, pricier bed frames are constructed better. More expensive bed frames enjoy the presence of additional support beams and reinforced joints to fully support your mattress and allow you to sleep better.

Thankfully - if you’re on the lookout for durable, yet relatively affordable options, we recommend looking for a bed frame built from either metal or hardwood, like our Fen Bed

This bed frame is made from solid pine timber, perfect for bedrooms needing a relaxed, yet contemporary look.

Selecting Among Cheap Bed Frames NZ - The Fen Bed Frame

Range of Aesthetics

When looking for a cheap bed frame, you’re buying because you need somewhere to rest, not because you’re looking to give your room a makeover. 

The thing is, if you’re constantly seeing a piece of furniture and spending a third of your life in it, it’s only natural you’ll get something that’s nice to look at.

As mentioned above, we spend a third of our lives asleep. If you’re like most people, you view your bedroom as a ‘sanctuary’-- a safe place where you can rest for the day. Bed frames are the focal point of that sanctuary. Its design, style, and appearance dictate how the aesthetic of your bedroom will play out.

Shelling out more money allows you to fully explore the range of your options. Some bed frames on the cheaper side may opt out of adding in a headboard, or footboard or completely eliminating them both to fully maximise their affordability.

With higher-quality bed frames, you’ll have the freedom to choose between sleek, minimalist metal frames or take home a warm, traditional wooden bed frame.

For example, by spending a little more money and you’re looking to get something classy, you can take home a canopy bed frame. If you’re feeling like you need to maximise the space in your bedroom while adding a modern touch, a Murphy bed could do the trick.


Find Premium-Quality Bed Frames and More with Affordable Furniture

Cheap bed frames may be worth buying upfront, but after the first year, prepare for a saggier mattress and a lot of squeaking sounds at night. All in all, it’s not worth it long-term. 

However, cheap, yet high-quality bed frames do exist. If you’re looking for cheap bed frames in NZ that don’t compromise quality, Affordable Furniture has a range of stylish bed frames and other bedroom furniture that won’t burn a hole through your pocket. 

Contact us today and let us help you achieve a more peaceful night’s sleep through our collection.

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