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Deceased Estate Clearing

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Deceased Estate Clearing is essential when no one can carry out the physical work when a loved one has passed away.  We are able to coordinate with the executor or Enduring Power of Attorney to enable a smooth, quick and effective clearing of a property. 

We are able to organise items to be sold via auction houses or, as directed, relocate furniture throughout the country.  We can also organise the collection of items suitable for donation, recycling or disbursement as required.

Often through this process, we will recover paperwork or photos that may require secure destruction or collated for the family to hold on to.

Further services can include and are not limited to; clearing all rubbish from the property, cleaning as required and extending this to home staging in preparation for the sale of the property.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and transparent approach.  We provide photos on a room-by-room basis and catalogue each piece of furniture.

Our prices are for three persons per hour and include GST and insurance.

Call 0800 268 264 today to discuss your requirements.


Christchurch Only Deceased Estate Clearing:
Deceased Estate Clearing
Deceased Estate Clearing Sale price$690.00 NZD