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Article: TV Cabinet NZ: Your Ultimate Buying Guide with Affordable Furniture

TV Cabinet NZ: Your Ultimate Buying Guide with Affordable Furniture

TV Cabinet NZ: Your Ultimate Buying Guide with Affordable Furniture

Are you struggling to choose among the countless furniture stores online? At Affordable Furniture, we understand the hurdles you face in choosing your ideal TV cabinet- from balancing its style to your interior, its functionality, and affordability. 

Whether you are looking for a corner or a closed or open TV console to complement your more modern interiors, this guide provides you with insights to make your decision-making a lot easier. 

Assessing Your Needs Before Selecting Your TV Cabinet NZ

It's completely natural for us to seek furniture that will complement our aesthetic preferences. It is equally crucial, though, to consider a piece that will align with our practical needs and the dimensions of our living space, for a home environment that doesn’t compromise on function - at the end of the day, this is your personal space, and should serve to keep you as comfortable as possible (however you define this!). 

  1. Available Space. Measure the area where you intend to place your TV stand- width, depth, and height. For instance, in a limited space- we recommend using a corner TV stand- it can be a great choice for utilising an unused corner, maximising the available space efficiently. 
  2. TV Size and Weight. The type of TV that you have, or are planning to buy, confirms the scale and measurement of your cabinet. If you have a flat-screen TV, then your measurement of volume won’t matter as much. However, if yours has a back panel, measure the space it will occupy on your stand- ensuring that its total shape doesn’t protrude too far from its backing. A larger TV requires a sturdier cabinet - always check on the maximum weight of your unit to avoid any potential mishaps; particularly if you’ve got the safety of other members in the household to consider. 

Storage and Organisation. Consider the devices or decor accents you want to incorporate in your TV- gaming consoles, sound systems, plants, or vases. 

Open shelving drawers are ideal for showcasing your displays- say you’ve got collections of books or memorabilia, adding personality and character to your space.  Closed compartments, on the other hand, are good if you prefer covering the clutter, especially in households with young children- reducing the risk of accidents and mess. 

Unorganised cables may also affect the overall aesthetics of your living room. Look for a cabinet with a built-in cable hole- with this feature, you can keep your wires arranged showing off a cleaner look. 

  1. Aesthetic Preferences. Matching your TV cabinet with the existing elements in your space can enhance the overall appeal of your room. If you have a modern or minimalist style-  dark floors or walls, for example - opt for a sleek and lighter colour like a white or grey TV cabinet, impressing a hit of modernity with a pure focus on an essential colour palette. Light-coloured furniture combined with dark flooring may prevent it from feeling dark and too heavy. 

For traditional or classic homes, furniture with dark wood finishes like oak or rosewood is a preferable option - reflecting a sense of opulent tastes of wealthier classes reminiscent of Chippendale design. 

Modern industrial home design- which showcases a more elemental, rustic, architectural textural language involving steel, pipes, and concretes, rather than concealing them, is a perfect backdrop for a TV console made of steel

Best TV Cabinet NZ: Choose the Right One with Affordable Furniture

If you’re still undecided on which TV cabinet NZ to choose, contact us today and we will help you by providing our recommendations to assess your specific needs.  Whether you are looking for modern, contemporary, traditional, or classic designs, our wide selection of furniture is sure to suit your taste and preferences.

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