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Article: Space Savvy Solutions: Choosing Between Rectangular and Round Dining Table for Your Home

Choosing Between Rectangular and Round Dining Table for Your Home

Space Savvy Solutions: Choosing Between Rectangular and Round Dining Table for Your Home

Is it challenging for you to decide whether to go for a round table or a rectangular table for your home? Look no further! At Affordable Furniture, we realise the importance of being able to curate a space that you love. We want to help, in the process of picking a dining table that would not only be suitable for your house, but also convenient for you.

When considering the shape and dimensions of your piece, a few things should be kept in mind. A round dining table is often perfect for a small room, as it’s less likely to make it crowded, and creates the sense of a close, comfortable setting. On the other hand, rectangular tables are well suited for larger rooms, and have the potential to accommodate more guests comfortably.

Round Dining Table: 


  • Ideally, they can be used in compact places like apartments or kitchen corners, where arranged in tight places.
  • Just like the Rho Dining Table, seating arrangements are often placed in close proximity, bringing about a more intimate dining experience.
  • Ergonomic shape to your space, reducing the chance of injuring yourself on an edge.
  • Provides a more casual and laid-back environment.


  • May often have less space for table centrepieces and other décor items because of their circular shapes.

Rectangular Dining Table:


  • Greater real estate for centrepieces, alongside a more scalable capacity to seat larger groups. This makes it a flexible fit in both formal and informal settings.
  • Because of this, seating capacity is often greater in comparison to a round table of the same size, and are a great option for family living or regular hosting of parties.


  • Often, such a table extends across the entire room, which may not be suitable for a wide variety of rooms and narrow dining areas.
  • The hazard of a sharp corner can increase, particularly in homes with children or animals.
  • Could be a disadvantage in terms of engagement among diners at either ends of its seating.

Customised Dining Solutions for Every Home

If you have a limited dining space or an intimate breakfast nook, a round dining table could serve as the best option. This rounded shape is another advantage for households with young children. But, if there are many dinner parties often and you have a big dining room, a rectangular table is the perfect fit for gatherings and gives a classic look.

At Affordable Furniture, you will be able to select from an array of dining tables in different shapes, measurements, and designs to suit your choices and pocket. We, the knowledgeable staff can help you in the identification of the perfect table that not only fits your space but also upgrades the appearance of your dining area.

Contact us today and come explore our collection to find the right one for your home. Turn your dining area into a comfortable and functional place where you can have dinner with family and friends with style!

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