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Article: But First... Finding The Perfect Coffee Table | Coffee Tables NZ

Coffee Tables NZ, Deco Coffee Table in Black Oak

But First... Finding The Perfect Coffee Table | Coffee Tables NZ

A coffee table is not just a functional piece of furniture; it has the potential to be the spotlight of your living room. Serving as a versatile centrepiece, it accommodates everything from your morning cup of coffee to a surface for board game nights with friends. Finding the perfect coffee table is an exhilarating yet crucial step in shaping both the aesthetic and functionality of your living space. Join us at Affordable Furniture as we explore the key considerations and diverse styles of coffee tables NZ in the quest for your ideal coffee table. 

Understand your living room layout | Coffee Tables NZ 

Size and proportion 

Undoubtedly, the coffee table holds the heartbeat of your living room. It plays a pivotal role in complementing and balancing the surrounding furniture and decor pieces. However, before diving into the world of coffee tables, consider the size of your living room. Striking the right balance is key – your coffee table should be large enough to offer ample surface space without overshadowing the rest of your furnishings.

While the coffee table typically takes centre stage, let’s not forget that the true star is your sofa. As you determine the ideal size for your coffee table, a crucial guideline is to ensure it doesn’t exceed two-thirds of the sofa’s width. At Affordable Furniture, our Oslo Nest of Tables, available in small and large sizes, takes inspiration from Scandinavian design, offering an eclectic blend of shapes and forms. Characterised by striking beauty with a hint of retro style, this coffee table is poised to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space. 

Oslo Nest of Tables at Affordable Furniture



Distance and height 

Achieving a harmonious living space involves careful consideration of your coffee table’s dimensions. Ideally, your coffee table should be the same height as or lower than your sofa seat for a sense of continuity and balance in your room. Beyond this, it should allow for easy passage and flow around other key elements, such as your TV cabinet and additional furniture pieces.

To ensure a perfect fit, don’t overlook the importance of precise measurements. Take stock of the available space in your living room, considering the dimensions of your seating furniture. This approach allows you to tailor the height of your coffee table for comfortable access, creating a seamless and inviting environment for both daily use and entertaining guests. 

<H2> Find your personal style | Coffee Tables NZ </H2>

The coffee table you introduce into your living space should seamlessly align with the overall style of your interior design. Amidst the multitude of choices available, the key is to find one that not only resonates with your personal taste but also complements the aesthetic of your entire home.

For those inclined towards contemporary elegance, our Linea Coffee Table at Affordable Furniture stands out as an exquisite choice. Adorned in a sleek black colour complemented by striking Oak, this table exudes sophistication and charm. The juxtaposition of the bold black hue and the warmth of Oak creates an ambience that is both refined and welcoming, transforming your house into a true home.

Linea Coffee Table at Affordable Furniture


If simplicity and elegant beauty define your style, consider our Madrid Coffee Table. With a hard-wearing, lacquer-like gloss finish, this table not only emanates sophistication but is also easy to clean, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Madrid Coffee Table at Affordable Furniture



On the other hand, if your home interior embodies the charm of a rustic farmhouse, our Orion Coffee Table might be the perfect fit. This stunning table exudes a vintage feel, offering a touch of traditional style. Crafted from hardwood timber with a light honey stain, it infuses warmth into your space while ensuring durability.

Orion Coffee Table at Affordable Furniture


Don’t overlook the materials | Coffee Tables NZ 

Coffee tables, with their diverse range of materials, bring distinct characteristics to your living space. Options like wood, glass, metal, and acrylic each offer unique qualities, yet wooden coffee tables stand out as a favourite. Renowned for their durability and versatility, wooden tables complement various interior design styles.

For those leaning towards the timeless appeal of wooden coffee tables, our New Yorker Coffee Table at Affordable Furniture proves to be an excellent choice. With the added bonus of a drawer and shelves, it not only exudes elegance but also provides ample space for beverages and snacks, adding a touch of functionality to your living area.

New Yorker Coffee Table at Affordable Furniture


In the material selection process, it’s crucial to consider maintenance requirements. For households with children or pets, glass tabletops may be a less practical option due to their fragility and susceptibility to stains and fingerprints. Each material choice contributes to the overall look and feel of your space, making it essential to align your selection with both aesthetic preferences and practical considerations.

Consider functionality | Coffee Tables NZ 

For storage 

Before selecting a coffee table, it's essential to define its purpose in your living space. If storage is a priority, whether for personal items or neatly stashing away remote controls, opting for a coffee table with drawers can be a practical and stylish solution.

At Affordable Furniture, our collection includes a variety of coffee tables equipped with drawers to meet your storage needs. Consider our Elm Coffee Table for a warm, natural oak finish that brings a touch of coziness to your room. This table features a well-designed drawer with ample storage space, supported by metal runners and adorned with recessed handles.

Elm Coffee Table at Affordable Furniture


For those seeking a more complementary piece for modern interiors, the Cypress Coffee Table offers a contemporary aesthetic. Crafted from hardwood timber with inset metal detailing and supported by robust metal runners, this table not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures solid construction for everyday use.

Cypress Coffee Table at Affordable Furniture



Child-safe option 

When children are part of the equation, safety becomes a paramount consideration in choosing furniture, particularly a coffee table. Sharp edges and glass tabletops may pose potential hazards. In this context, the Palliser Round Coffee Table at Affordable Furniture emerges as an ideal choice, striking a perfect balance between ample storage and child-friendly design. Crafted from solid oak, this coffee table not only exudes elegance but also prioritises safety with its rounded edges. The large opening door cavity provides generous storage space, offering a practical solution for keeping your living area organized while ensuring a safer environment for your little ones.

Palliser Round Coffee Table at Affordable Furniture


Explore Affordable Furniture’s Range of Coffee Tables NZ 

In your pursuit of the perfect coffee table in NZ, let your personal style and the unique needs of your living space be your guiding lights. Whether you’re captivated by the warmth of timber or enticed by the allure of hidden storage, Affordable Furniture provides a diverse array of options tailored to suit every individual taste. 

Embark on this journey with us, and discover the coffee table that resonates with your aesthetic preferences and seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle. Contact us today, and let’s transform your living space into a haven of style, functionality, and personalised charm.

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